Mall Opportunities

Commercial Opportunities / Pop Up Shops / Community & Charity activity 

 We believe that people make places, people bring towns to life, people are the heart of neighbourhoods, people allow communities to Flourish. 

 We deliver space and support to people who make things happen. We make it easy to bring your ideas to life: businesses, event makers, community groups or anyone else. 

 If you have an activity or a dream that has people at its heart, we will help you deliver it, grow it and nourish it. We want to give you a home, be it for a day, a month or forever. 

 No leases, no lawyers, no deposits. Just ideas, energy and action. We deliver the space that allows people, places and communities to flourish.


Please contact Amanda to discuss your ideas to see how we can support you!

[email protected]

Mobile: 07341 917362